Greetings from ATL

After a whirlwind 4 weeks, I am here in Atlanta. You can find a full-length explanation of the move here, but this is a quick recap:

  • B got an exciting new job
  • We put the house up for sale
  • Sold the house
  • Came to Atlanta for a night to look for a house, find a daycare, and for me to have a job interview
  • Bought a house
  • Found a daycare
  • I got the job
  • And a whole bunch else in between

On Wednesday, we finished loading up the trailer, cleaning, and got ready to hit the road. Then we said goodbye to my mom and left. It worked out great to leave around M’s bedtime and stop for the night. M snoozed, B and I could talk, and the pup enjoyed the great Illinois scenery (haha).

Apparently my impressions of LaQuita hotels were wrong. We crashed for the night in the most beautiful, brand-new hotel right off the highway. All of us – 2 adults, toddler, and dog – stayed in a room. After snagging a heaping plate of breakfast items for the road, we were off again by 7:35am!

For those of you contemplating a road trip with a toddler, really think about that choice. M is a wonderful child, but what toddler wants to spend 10 hours strapped in a seat? She pretty much screamed/cried/whined the whole ride, less the 2 1-hour naps. Here’s how I attempted to keep her happy:

  • I sat in the back to play with her.
  • We packed lots of toys and kept rotating new ones in and out
  • She got a special new toy just for the trip – check this out:
  • Cheerios. Goldfish. Repeat.
  • When all else failed, I pretended I was napping so she would try to settle in or at least ignore me πŸ™‚

It was a long, but doable journey, and I only had 1 brief meltdown!

I’m writing this from the beautiful VRBO we are renting for a week. It’s in the heart of the city. We will be here until the trailer arrives with our belongings on Tuesday.

Until next time!

The (former) Accidental Iowan

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