(Not So) Accidental Iowan

Nine months ago my family and I moved to Atlanta. Career opportunities and the long-term goal of moving south toward B’s parents drove the decision. In a matter of six weeks we sold our house, quit our jobs, found a new house, found new jobs, and moved across the country with the hopes of settling down in our forever home and forever community.

Before we left, a colleague said to me, “Well, it’s nice when you finally get somewhere that you can put down some roots.” Turns out, I put down those roots six years ago.

After nine months of tough conversations and a lot of self-reflection I’m excited to announce we will be moving back to Iowa next week!

Iowa is my home. There’s no other place I feel such connection and no other place I want to raise my family; it’s where I really grew into an adult. Here are a few highlights:

  • I bought my first house there.
  • B and I got married above the coffee shop downtown.
  • M was born at the local hospital.
  • I created a professional identity.
  • My mom moved there to be near me.
  • I have years worth of friends, memories, and a support network that can never be replicated.

So, while it happened accidentally in 2011, I am now returning with utmost purpose. Plan on more regular posts to chronicle my new adventures.

~ The (Not So) Accidental Iowan

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