Hitting the Road

Sorry I haven’t followed up regarding the bombshell news I am moving back to Iowa. It’s been busy! In the last two weeks I have finished up my job, closed on my house, packed the moving truck, drove to Iowa with an overnight with friends, started my new job, and unpacked. Everything has gone smoothly, and there really isn’t much to report. The one question I keep getting is about the trip to Iowa.

How did the toddler do in the car?

To be honest, this was the million dollar question throughout the planning process. B drove the moving truck with Bowman T. Dog, and I followed them with M in the back seat.

To prepare for the journey and set myself up for maximum success, I packed the car strategically. A CD of toddler songs was ready to play. All of M’s books and small toys sat in grocery bags in the front passenger seat. I had a cooler of sippies and snacks beneath it. All of M’s “babies” (stuffed animals) were perched on her Mickey couch next to her. Before I finished loading, I sat in the driver’s seat and swiveled my arm around to ensure everything was within my reach.

We divided the drive into two days- 8 hours on Day 1 and 7 hours on Day 2.

Day 1

We left at 8:00am EDT. In the morning, we had to finish loading our mattresses and last items into the truck. There was also heavy fog, so we waited briefly for it to lift. No big deal.

In the car, M was a total champ! We sang songs, played peek-a-boo, and passed snacks.

By about noon, I expected she would pass out. No such luck.

At 2pm, she had just nodded off and we stopped for gas.

She never went back to sleep!

By the time we arrived at our friends’ apartment for the night, any sign of tiredness disappeared. M was ready to run around and play with their little one.

It was a lovely evening catching up with friends.

Day 2

On Day 2, I expected M would get a little more restless but probably sleep more, and  I was right. She was very irritable. I think I spent 75% of the time driving with my arm reaching for a toy only to have her throw it. M did sleep for an hour giving me much-needed peace.

Once we arrived in Iowa City, we dropped off the truck and started unpacking. Even though there was heavy lifting and hard work, it felt great to be home.

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15 thoughts on “Hitting the Road”

  1. Whoa, I totally missed the news that you moved back- welcome back! I often think about what you said that day in the coffee shop: “You end up laying down roots, even if you don’t mean to.” I’m noticing the same thing. Just a couple months ago Doug and I decided to move to Florida… but then I accepted a new job here, so I guess we’re staying too 🙂

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