Weekend Recap – Hula Hoops and Baths

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent outdoors at my town’s annual Arts Fest. They had lots of kids activities around art and different cultures. M loved coloring, making music, and playing with the hula hoops. It’s so much fun to watch her explore her world!

M hula hoop

However, I did face a new challenge with my Little Miss. On Thursday, M’s daycare told us she had an accident mid-diaper change. Something about changing her diaper but then letting her sit on the potty and then an accident. I didn’t quite get the full story and at the time and just shrugged it off. My exchange with her went something like this:

“M, did you try the potty at school today?”


“What happened?”

“I got wet!”

On Friday evening, we took a family trip to Costco to renew our membership (hellooooooo samples). B took M to the bathroom for a diaper change, and she started to pee as he was changing her. Eh, it happens sometimes, right?

Ever since, M has been terrified of diaper changes, the bath, changing her clothes, and getting wet in any capacity. Now is a good time to note WE START SWIM LESSONS TONIGHT.

Each diaper change was met with clenched legs and yelling “no diaper change! no diaper change!”

Each attempt at a bath resulted in M refusing to take her clothes off. I even tried putting her in her cool new Minnie swim suit. Nope, no bath. Not having it.

Not wanting to force her and worsen the situation, I backed off on the bath and just focused on the diaper changes. For each diaper change, she got an animal cracker. It’s amazing how quickly she can change her mind when there’s a cookie at stake!

By Sunday morning, M was doing fine with diaper changes and getting dressed, but was still not interested in a bath. Her last bath was Thursday. It was time to get serious.

B dug out his swim trunks and filled the tub. I got M in her swim suit. B suited up and climbed in, pretending to have a fabulous time playing with her bath toys. Soon, M was interested in joining, but only in her swimming suit and only sitting on B’s lap.

Once she was comfortable in the tub, she let me wash her hair. By the end of the bath, she was asking me for soap so she could do it herself!

The rest of the day went much better and this morning I warned daycare that diaper changes might be iffy. I also got the full story on the accident from Thursday. Not only did she have an accident, but the fire alarm went off and they had to evacuate in the middle of it all! Stay tuned for how her swim lesson goes tonight…

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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