The Mom-Suit Dilemma

Lately, my posts have been a on the serious side, focusing on my postpartum depression. I wanted to take a break from that this week and share some fun things going on in my life, such as finding a swimming suit (ha!).

As I recently posted, I’m doing swim lessons with my daughter. The week before swim lessons, it occurred to me I did not have an appropriate suit for toddler swim lessons. This may sound silly to you, but I have never really been comfortable showing a lot of skin in a swimming suit, even before my little one leased my uterus for 40 weeks. If you feel confident in your body and would wear your normal swim suit to swimming lessons, you do you! I just tend to overthink this sort of thing.

After searching box after box for my “sporty” one-piece swimming suit, I realized the only suits I owned were bikinis from my honeymoon. In my mind, honeymoon swimming suits are not mom swimming suits.

Not a Mom-Suit

True story: I once went to a work conference at a water park and searched for a “professional” swimming suit. 5 years later, I still don’t know what that means.  

I was left with a dilemma: do I wear this bikini or do I pay for a “mom-suit” that I deem appropriate but will never wear again? As I was imagining myself in the pool with M, it occurred to me just how wiggly she is, especially when I’m holding her. Who knows what might pop out at the pool?! At the same time, I’m only 29! I didn’t want to look like a granny in the pool either. Finding exactly what I wanted, without having any clue what it looked like, proved challenging, but not impossible. I needed a swimsuit that met the following qualifications.

My Mom-Suit Rules

  1. One-piece
  2. No ruffles
  3. No tankinis
  4. Nothing M might pull down
  5. Cute
  6. Cheap

First Stop: Old Navy

They always have reliable, basic swimwear. I checked their site in advance. Most of their fuller-coverage options were tankinis like this one, but for the right price I was willing to make that sacrifice. However, when I got into their store, they had zero women’s swimming suits. ZERO. I was flabbergasted! After all, it was the week of Memorial Day, the official kick-off to summer!

Whatever, I rolled on down to Target.

Last Stop: Target

I’m seriously going to coin the phrase, The Red Rule: “Though shall always start at Target.” (like the Golden Rule, get it?) I can easily list a dozen times in my life that if I had just started with Target, I would have saved enormous amounts of time. Target had a huge selection of women’s and juniors’ swimwear. They even had swimwear on clearance! In June! Within three minutes, I snatched up two suits and headed to the fitting rooms. Both options met at least 5 of the qualifications, including being less than $20. In the end, I picked this one. Even better, what I thought was a $20 investment actually ended up being only $11.98. Winner, winner, swimwear dinner!

The first night of swimming lessons, I adorned this bad girl and strutted into the pool (no I didn’t). The suit fit all my needs: cute, functional, cheap, and nothing was accidentally exposed!

Shamelessly, I surveyed the other moms’ swimsuits, and mine seemed to fit right in. I’m also willing to bet I’m not the only one whose faced the Mom-Suit Dilemma.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!