How to Tell Your Family’s Story with Photos

This is a guest post from a dear friend of mine, Erica Hooker. We actually stayed with her family when we moved back to Iowa! She’s the only photographer I trust to capture all my family’s special moments. Today, she has some tips and tricks for taking great family photos.

Using your phone or camera to capture everyday moments is necessary for moms. These moments are stories of your family. They are special to you, and likely, to others around you. However, have you ever looked back through your photos and felt like you were missing part of the story? Something that, with a couple small changes, could help create a more well-defined story of your everyday life. Below are simple variations to capture more of the moment.

Change Viewpoint

Many times, you will find your photos showing a view from slightly above or on the same level of your kids. Change things up a bit by changing your viewpoint. Get above or below your kids. Kids on the floor playing… place your camera directly above them and shoot them playing. Grab a footstool to create some extra distance above them. Moreover, do not be hesitant to take photos when they are above you. Take them to the park and you will find plenty of places they will be above you. Squat down while they are swinging and take the photo as they pass by above you. It is as if they are flying!

Other places to play around with your viewpoint:

Above: Bathtub, on a blanket, or in their cribs.

Below: Looking up a slide, climbing up stairs, or jumping on the bed

Pull Back 

Kids are tiny. They are tiny compared to the world around them. Capture that! Instead of getting in close on them, step back and show them next to objects that show their size. Just think about all the different items that can make your kids appear smaller than their actual size.

Larger items: Couch, trees, doors, queen/king bed, hallways, and large windows


Think weddings. What is pinned repeatedly on wedding boards? All the details. The set up for the guest book, different cake stands, and even plate-setting decor are important to the overall feel of the wedding. Why? They help tell the story. The wedding story. Your everyday life can be just like that.  Details help tell a larger story. Play around. Do not just capture your kids, but also tell more of a story with the details.

Eating ice cream? Get the hands full of melting ice cream. The mouth that has ice cream all around it. The cone with just ice cream and maybe a little hand holding it.


Lastly, make sure you are in the photos. Not just your partner, but you! Do not worry about what you look like. Your kids will not. Think about it…..who doesn’t laugh at photo ten years later even if it was an amazing photo today? Time changes. Enjoy those moments now.

Have fun while capturing your families’ story!


Erica Hooker, owner of Sweet Olive Photography, is a natural light photographer. She focuses on a child, senior and family photographer in Evansville, Indiana. Erica has been around the creative people her whole life, and has a degree in Art and Design Education, with an emphasis in photography. In addition, Erica works as a career counselor helping college students find their calling and life mission. Visit Erica Hooker online.


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