Road Trips with Toddlers: 8 Tips for Success

Since my 2-year-old was born, I’ve embarked on at least six road trips extending longer than 12 hours. From holiday trips to my in-laws, to moving to and from Atlanta, we have traversed the middle states! When we moved back

The Magnetic Property of Home

Since returning to Iowa, I have been pondering the concept of Home. What makes a Home? Is it where I am from? Where I feel connected? Can someone have multiple Homes? “Where are you from?” I have struggled with this

Hitting the Road

Sorry I haven’t followed up regarding the bombshell news I am moving back to Iowa. It’s been busy! In the last two weeks I have finished up my job, closed on my house, packed the moving truck, drove to Iowa with

(Not So) Accidental Iowan

Nine months ago my family and I moved to Atlanta. Career opportunities and the long-term goal of moving south toward B’s parents drove the decision. In a matter of six weeks we sold our house, quit our jobs, found a

Greetings from ATL

After a whirlwind 4 weeks, I am here in Atlanta. You can find a full-length explanation of the move here, but this is a quick recap: B got an exciting new job We put the house up for sale Sold

Moving and Selling Our House: How Do We Make a Profit?

After the initial shock and excitement of moving wore off, the first priority was preparing to list and sell the house. So, we had our wonderful real estate agent come over to assess our work. It was like a final

How to Uproot Your Life pt. 2

In the past I wrote about the craziness of 2015: new job, new baby, marriage, new house, and postpartum depression. Looking back on these posts, I was scared, unable to focus, and in over my head. Simultaneously, it was the best