Waiting for Shattered Glass

Last night, I drafted the following letter to my toddler. Since she’s too young to remember, I want her to someday understand the significance of this moment in history.   Dear Maddie, My heart is aching. Beyond the obvious political

Greetings from ATL

After a whirlwind 4 weeks, I am here in Atlanta. You can find a full-length explanation of the move here, but this is a quick recap: B got an exciting new job We put the house up for sale Sold

How Do We Make a Profit?

After the initial shock and excitement of moving wore off, the first priority was preparing to list and sell the house. So, we had our wonderful real estate agent come over to assess our work. It was like a final

How to Uproot Your Life pt. 2

In the past I wrote about the craziness of 2015: new job, new baby, marriage, new house, and postpartum depression. Looking back on these posts, I was scared, unable to focus, and in over my head. Simultaneously, it was the best

The BS of Mental Illness

Sometimes I come across blogs about depression that are utter bullshit. To be clear, in no way am I about to dismantle someone’s personal experiences. I am not discounting the fact that everyone’s symptoms of mental illness vary and that

Get Nosy

Today I’m giving you permission to be intrusive. I recently came across this article from The Mighty that had been tweeted by Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress. Check it out. Or, just trust me that it’s a beautiful description of

June Wrap-Up

Sorry for the slight delay on the June wrap-up. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! For me, the unseasonably cool and cloudy Iowa weather was a welcome change. This weekend we attempted one of the final and most procrastinated

Book Review – We're All Damaged

One of the perks of working downtown is proximity to the public library. A couple days a week I venture down there for lunch. I didn’t have anything to return or holds to pick up, I just needed to escape

Book Review – The Art of Being Normal

Last week I finished The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson. I was motivated to read it to gain a better perspective on the transgender community, specifically trans* youth. There were some solid moments…and then there were clear reminders it’s young