How PPD Led to Delayed Bonding With My Baby

With the 4th of July landing mid-week, my week was all mixed up! We had a great 4th of July- M went to her first parade, my dad came to town, and we celebrated with friends. This weekend, I’m excited

Road Trips with Toddlers: 8 Tips for Success

Since my 2-year-old was born, I’ve embarked on at least six road trips extending longer than 12 hours. From holiday trips to my in-laws, to moving to and from Atlanta, we have traversed the middle states! When we moved back

Weekend Recap – Hula Hoops and Baths

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent outdoors at my town’s annual Arts Fest. They had lots of kids activities around art and different cultures. M loved coloring, making music, and playing with the hula

Hitting the Road

Sorry I haven’t followed up regarding the bombshell news I am moving back to Iowa. It’s been busy! In the last two weeks I have finished up my job, closed on my house, packed the moving truck, drove to Iowa with

Waiting for Shattered Glass

Last night, I drafted the following letter to my toddler. Since she’s too young to remember, I want her to someday understand the significance of this moment in history.   Dear Maddie, My heart is aching. Beyond the obvious political

Feeling Like Supermom: Small Wins with Postpartum Depression

On most days I feel much better and believe my postpartum depression has subsided. I’ve stopped going to therapy, but am still on the Sertraline for a little while longer. However, not every day is perfect and I have accepted


Mornings with a LO (little one) can be stressful! In fact, as I wrote this title my husband chortled and said, “Ohhhh mornings, huh????” He knows what I know. How the morning plays out dictates my day, though I hate